ArcelorMittal Orbit Tickets Go On Sale!

Mittal Orbit tickets

The ArcelorMittal Orbit (better known as ‘The Orbit’) is now open for business! Nearly a year and a half has passed since most of the Olympic park closed after the games and with it, so did access to this opinion splitting building.

Some find it hideous, others say it’s unique, either way everyone will have an opinion on this building and you certainly can’t ignore its 115m of red steel looming over the Stratford skyline.

Regardless of it’s appearance, the orbit’s primary function is as an observation deck and this gives us all the opportunity to once again look out over the London skyline from a new position. The position of this building, however, is quite special. Located slap-bang right in the middle of the Olympic park, the orbit allows for an intimate view of London’s new playground.

I’m sure many of us have fond memories of the summer of 2012 and hundreds of thousands visited the park over those few weeks and were stunned by quality of this new space.

Much has changed since then, but for the better! The Olympic park has had a post games refurbishment to make it suitable for every day Londoners. Now that the orbit is open, now is the opportunity to re-kindle some fond 2012 memories and inspect how the future of the park is shaping up.

It’s not just a view of the Olympic park that’s on offer though. The viewing platform is located at around the 100m mark and can therefore offer a spectacular view over the whole London Skyline. Being in east London, the view of Canary Wharf will be particularly stunning and whilst you will be able to see the skyscrapers on central London, the orbit is a bit too far east for a glimpse of St Paul’s or Big Ben to be possible. Obviously the most prominent building in view will the the Olympic stadium where you can actually how the construction works are progressing inside!

If your up to the challenge, you are able to descend the 455 steps by foot on your return journey and watch the rest of London come down with you. When you get to the base of the tower there is now a restaurant and bar to finish off the day.

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The price of tickets to the orbit are £15 for adult, £7 for children and £12 for concession (student/over 60), so whilst the view from the orbit isn’t anywhere near as comprehensive as the Shard, the ticket prices are far more reasonable for someone on a budget.

The orbit is shaping up to be a great visitor attraction and when the rest of the Olympic Park is complete, it will be the centre piece of a whole new creative district for London. Even if you hate the orbit, if you are admiring the view of London from the top of it’s observation deck it will be the only building you can’t see! Personally I can’t wait to visit.

Tickets are on sale now and the best prices tickets can be found here.



  1. Jake April 5, 2014 at 5:07 pm

    Went to the top during the olympics really good view