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Are you a fan of the Shard? Would you like to discover the secrets behind the skyscraper and see the insights of its famous architect Renzo Piano?

The products below represent some of the best in Shard merchandise and are only available online or at the gift shop inside the Shard. products purchased online are significantly discounted, sometimes by up to 50% compared to in store!

The Shard: The Official Guidebook

The official guide-book to the Shard is packed full of facts, photo’s and information on The Shard. Anyone with an interest in this building should pick up this book as it contains exclusive content.

Anyone visiting the Shard will notice that this book is available in the gift shop, however it is significantly cheaper to purchase it online.

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 The View from The Shard Jigsaw Puzzle

shard jigsaw


Want to recreate the view at the top of The Shard at home? This incredibly detailed puzzle will allow you to do just that! With 636 pieces, this Shard Jigsaw will allow you to recreate London’s amazing skyline with all its famous landmarks!

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The Shard: London Bridge Tower, Renzo Piano

This book provides the most comprehensive guide to how The Shard came to be. This entire history of the building, from conception to completion, is beautifully told in this exclusive book by the Shard’s architect, Renzo Piano.

This edition features a range of drawing, plans and monographs created by Renzo when the Shard was first conceived over 10 years ago. If you are looking to learn as much about the Shard as possible, then this detailed book is sure to answer all of your questions.

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The Shard: The Tallest Tower [DVD]

This one-off documentary from channel 4 tells the fascinating story of the tallest tower in the UK.  Exclusive interviews with the architect Renzo Piano, the developer Irvine Sellar and the workers who built The Shard, provide the back drop for a dramatic story of this feat of engineering.

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London Skyline Mug

Shard Gift Shop - Mug

This commemorative mug features London’s favourite landmarks, including the Shard. Perfect for a tea lover who wants to be reminded of a great trip to the capital.

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The Shard and the Olympic Rings Canvas

This one of a kind photo is now available as an A1 canvas. Taken at the opening ceremony of The Shard, this is a one of a kind photo that you can hang from your wall.

Featuring the iconic Olympic rings attached to Tower bridge as well as the lazer show created especially for the Shard’s opening. This is an enthralling moment that is never likely to be repeated again.

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