What romantic activities in London can we do?


As much as the city of Paris or New York, London also has its share of romance. You already know where you want to sleep but do not know any romantic activities to do? The article is made for you. Through this article you will discover the different romantic activities in London.

Romantic activities in London: Romantic walks in the parks

If the sun comes out in the morning, you can walk hand in hand with your loved one. To begin, you can take a walk in the Japanese garden of Kyoto. It is located in Holland Park. This space is very popular with lovers. It is beautiful during the summer and spring seasons, when all the flowers have hatched. You can enjoy a peaceful atmosphere, the water of the waterfall and koi carp in the basin. You may be able to meet a peacock or two, during the ride, they are at liberty.

You could then walk to the Chelsea Botanical Garden, located at the other end of the Thames. It is the oldest botanical garden in the city, originally created as a training center for apothecaries. It includes more than 5,000 different species of plants. Walk around and try to recognize each different species.
Finally, you can also visit the St. Katherine docks in Chelsea, it’s not really a park. You will find an atmosphere similar to the navy and the Thames, there are shops as well as pubs and restaurants. If you want to take a stroll in another space, there are many places in London that will make you forget the atmosphere of such a big city in order to spend unforgettable romantic activities in London.

London Romantic Activities: A romantic dinner

A tête-à-tête dinner is certainly one of London’s most romantic couple activities to do even though it’s also one of the most classic. There are many restaurants that meet these criteria, including the Clos Maggiore. It is located in the Westminster district and deserves its status as the most romantic restaurant in the city. You can enjoy a table in the paneled room or in the winter garden. The atmosphere of romance is created by the presence of synthetic trees in bloom, bright lights, mirrors and candles. You will not be aware of the people around you when you eat dishes inspired by Provencal cuisine. The restaurant provides a menu of more than 2,500 wine proposals.

If your temperament is much more daring, prefer to go to the restaurant called “In the Black”. You will enjoy your entire meal in complete darkness, without knowing what you have on your plate. However, you will have the advantage of being able to choose between different surprise menus. This experience focuses more on the taste, smell and texture of foods. You will be brought to your table by a waiter who will tell you where to sit. “In the Black” offers an incredibly unusual experience.

Finally, you can also turn to a more traditional restaurant but as breathtaking: the “Aquar Sard”. Located on the top floor of a gigantic tower, you can admire a breathtaking view of the city while enjoying an excellent menu. Make yourself comfortable by the windows of the restaurant and marvel at all the lights of Southwark and all of London.

London in love from the sky

London has many activities for lovers. You can rent a helicopter to fly over the city in love. This company offers you to choose the destination and the date of your flight, it will take care of the entire appointment. You can also choose to go for a balloon ride. Have you ever thought of floating in the air, hand in hand, with your beloved? You will have the opportunity to realize this experience in the city of London. Whether you prefer morning or evening, this balloon ride will be an unforgettable moment. You will be able to admire the most famous attractions of the city from above and you will find yourself in the clouds with the person you love. In short, now you know what romantic activities in London you can do with your other half!

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A romantic show

As for the theater, London offers many shows. There is a multitude of different shows, it is certain that you will find the one that suits you best. If you enjoy ballet performances, you can visit Covent Garden’s Royal Opera House. It is the largest ballet company in the whole of England and is known around the world for its outstanding performance. And if the weather is not great, you can take refuge in Piazza. This is a space in which you can admire street artists, in full work.
If you prefer music to the theater, you can head to West End. This place includes many musical shows like Les Misérables, Cats, Stomp, White doves and naughty gentlemen or Wicked. Choose a show that suits you both.

You can also visit the Globe Theater, a place you should not miss when you leave for a few days in the city of London. This space is in the open air and receives the first performances of many plays of Shakespeare. If you are a fan of this artist or if you prefer more modern pieces, you will certainly find a show that will suit you among the countless performances that take place in the city of London.