The different places with a sublime view in London


When you visit the city, many places will allow you to get a sublime view in London. You will be able to admire the architecture, the organization, the lights, the main arteries, … Thanks to this article, you will be able to discover the different places with a sublime view in London.

The Shard, a sublime view of London

Nothing can be more splendid than a view of London more than 244 meters high. By going to “The Shard”, this dream can come true. It is a skyscraper with an observation platform open to the outside, located near the Thames. In order to reach this space, you will need to take a lift of more than 68 floors per minute. In addition, it is better to visit this place when the weather is nice to be able to observe the different emblematic places of the city. However, it is mandatory to book in advance and it is therefore not possible to make weather forecasts. But, “The Shard” presents the “Landmark Guarantee”. This is an offer that allows you to return for free within three months, if during your visit you can not admire more than five emblematic places. Indeed, it is expected that, despite bad weather, you can admire St. Paul’s Cathedral, the London Eye, One Canada Square and the Gherkin. Finally, you will pay 26 pounds for an adult seat and 34 pounds if you want to enjoy a glass of champagne. Know that the place will be much higher if you do not book your place before.

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The Skygarden consists of a garden spread over three levels, in the center of a thirty-eight storey building. It is overlooked by a glass roof that allows to expose light, even when the weather is not nice. To visit, you will need to go to 20 Fenchurch Street. You can admire Mediterranean plants as well as species from South Africa. You will also see viewing platforms, a bar, an outdoor terrace, a brewery and a restaurant. Skygarden opens every day from 10 am to 6 pm during the week and from 11 am to 9 pm during the weekend. You can visit it for free but you will need to book before to enjoy this sublime view in London. With this visit, you will be able to admire many emblematic places: The Shard, Tower Bridge, the district of the City or even the cathedral Saint-Paul.

Tower Bridge

By visiting Tower Bridge, you can get an excellent view of the Thames and its various shores. In addition, you can admire St. Paul’s Cathedral, the City or the Tower of London. When you visit the two galleries at each end of the bridge, you can take photographs without reflections. On the other hand, you can watch the Thames flowing under your feet as the floor is made from glass panels. On the other hand, if you feel dizzy, you can walk along the boards without stepping on them. After your visit, you can go to the basement, where there is an old engine room. There is still the hydraulic mechanism that has the ability to open the bridge. Today, the system is hydroelectric.

Sublime View in London: Other Places

You will be able to go to other places to obtain a sublime view in London:

  • The Silver Rooster This is a rather chic restaurant where, as its name suggests, you can enjoy French dishes at attractive rates. Indeed, a brunch during the weekend is worth 30 pounds. You can admire the City from the terrace and the restaurant’s garden.
  • The London Eye. There are 32 pods equipped with air conditioning, which take off in the air for a slow rotation of 30 minutes in total. You will enjoy a splendid panorama. Thus, you will be able to take many photographs thanks to a sublime view in London.
  • Finally, go to Sushisamba. It is a renowned restaurant chain in the country. It offers dishes mixing several cultures: Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian. This restaurant is present only once in the city of London, it is located at 38 and 39th of the “Salesforce Tower”, formerly “Heron Tower”. This place is located near the most famous buildings of the City, the “Gherkin”.