Disabled Access to The Shard

I quite often receive emails asking if the Shard is fully accessible for disabled people. The Viewing gallery at the top of the building is proving to be a very popular attraction, but obviously being such a large building many disabled people are concerned that steps will be involved at some point which may put them off.

If you are among those concerned that you may not be able to access the Shard, allow me to to answer the question: Is the Shard fully accessible to disabled people? Answer: YES

The Shard is fully accessible to disabled people from street level right to the highest floor, there are lifts at every stage of the journey and the attraction has been designed with large enough spaces to allow wheelchairs to easily pass at every stage.

The Entrance to the attraction has a small lift next to the stairs, simply inform a memebr of staff that you would liek to use it.

You will need to take 2 lifts in fer to reach the top of the building, the first lift will take you to level 33 and it large enough to comfortable accommodate a wheelchair and several other people. The second lift is exactly the same and will take you to level 68.

When you exit the lift on level 68, you will turn a corner and notice that there are some stairs to the main viewing platform, next to these stairs is a small lift that can accommodate a wheelchair along with a few other people.

You will then be on the main viewing platform where there is ample space to move around.

The final part of the journey is to visit level 72, the highest viewing point in the UK and an open air platform. Disabled visitors can use the same small lift to go to this level, and again to return.

I hope this will put peoples minds at ease when thinking about visiting the Shard. It is completely accessible and all levels of disability so please don’t as if you are missing out on the experience.

This website has a page which indicates where the cheapest tickets to The Shard can be bought.