The Shard – A Quick Guide

This quick guide to The Shard should provide you with all the information you need if you are curious about the building and want to visit. Be sure to follow the links for more detailed information about the attractions inside The Shard.

The Shard

The Shard is a 310 metre high skyscraper located in the London borough of Southwark. It is the tallest building in the UK and Western Europe and was designed by world-renowned architect Renzo Piano. The Shard is open to visitors and features 3 restaurants, multiple bars, a hotel and a viewing platform on the top floor.

The closest station to The Shard is London Bridge Station, which is literally next door.

Want to visit the Shard?

Several businesses have opened inside the Shard and are welcoming customers. Within The Shard you’ll find 3 restaurant, a viewing gallery and a hotel. If you are looking for the best view in London, The View from The Shard viewing gallery is perfect for any visitor who wants to see one of the greatest sights London has to offer.

top of the shard

Located on floors 68-72,  The View from The Shard viewing gallery offers unparalleled views of the city and is the highest observation point in the Western Europe. You will be taken to the top of the building on one of the fastest lifts in the world, once there you will experience a 360 degree view of the London skyline with all of London’s world-famous landmarks visible in one view. This is one of London’s hottest new attraction and a dream for sightseers or photographers.

Fathers Day Shard

If you are interested in visiting the Shard, click the button below to find the cheapest tickets currently available for The View from The Shard viewing gallery and book your tickets online.

See more: Shard Ticket Options

Bars and Restaurants.

The Shard now hosts a range of Bars and restaurants that are available for anyone to book. The three main restaurants are Oblix, Hutong and Aqua, all of which are located half way up The Shard. Please see the dedicated restaurants page on this website for more information on each restaurant.

Each of these restaurants also has a bar which is open to the public at any time. You do not require a booking to visit the bars however you will need to abide by the dress code which is smart casual.




Shangri La, one of the worlds most renowned luxury hotel brands, has opened a hotel within the Shard offering the most luxurious and opulent hotel experiences in the country. Featuring a luxury health suite, London’s highest bar, rooms with panoramic views, this is the hotel to beat when it comes to luxury. More information can be found on the Shard hotel page.


shard floors

More info on The Shard

The Floor plan of the Shard is as follows:


1-3 – Lobby
4-28 – Office Space
31-33 – Restaurants
34-50 – Shangri la hotel
52- Spa
53-65 – Apartments
68-72 – The View from The Shard
75-87 – Spire


According to Renzo Piano, the shape and design of the Shard is influenced by a structure that had dominated the London skyline for hundreds of years, the church spire. The clear blue glass that makes up the Shards cladding is extremely high quality. It is designed to reflect the sky, clouds and sunlight so that on a sunny day, the building will ‘shimmer on the London skyline like a Shard of glass’.

If you would like to read more about the Shard from its architect Renzo Piano, you can purchase a book he has written dedicated to the Shard. This book includes exclusive sketches, diagrams, plans and a ‘behind the scenes’ story of how the building came to be. Purchase Renzo Piano’s book here: The Shard: London Bridge Tower (Renzo Piano Monographs). You can also view the Wikipedia page on The Shard for further information.