Exploring London in a helicopter

When someone screams “London!” fun thoughts come to mind-the great landmarks, the amazing adventure of visiting the Shard (the tallest building in the United Kingdom) makes you want to put your feet on the ground and rush there. What if, you actually don’t have to put your feet on the ground? How about doing a tour while on air? Cool, right? The adventure of taking helicopter tour in London is perhaps the well-thought idea ever.

Why a helicopter tour?

Taking a helicopter tour comes with class. It is not just the means of transport that is amazing, but also the VIP treatment that comes with it- unlike other forms of transport such as public transport, helicopter tours are specially designed in a way that it is all about you and are tailored to suit your needs and preferences. This ensures you fully concentrate on your tour in London as everything else is taken care of.

It would be hilarious to forget that the vertical height capability of a helicopter is an added advantage as one is able to visit more places over a short period of time. We all know that the aerial view of places as well as buildings is a breathtaking moment as one is able to have a new side of view out of the normal ground view- the experience is heavenly.

Don’t you enjoy stress-free tours? Well, when you take helicopter tours, you are guaranteed that there won’t be an annoying driver honking at you or wasting your time on a traffic jam, cubing all the travel related stress. This leaves room for total enjoyment on your part as all your time and energy is focused on enjoying the wonderful view of London.

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What to expect?

London is an amazing place with enormous places to visit- all attractive to the eyes. So now you can imagine how much more from a helicopter. The aerial view is a wonder to the eye. London being a home to multi-cultures, the effect can be seen even in the markets from the different kinds of food sold all the way to the dressing codes. All this color are appealing to the eyes as you can easily detect the inter-cultural interactions from that height.

The helicopter tour in London will also give you an epic view of all of London’s heritage such as historical monuments as in the case of the Tower of London, all the way to the ever flowing Thames River Cruise. The landmarks are an amazing piece of art that from the helicopter point of view, almost looks like a solved puzzle with each building appearing like a piece skillfully placed on a location by a master in art.

At such a height, one is able to notice the overall look of London. London is an ever busy place no matter the time of day. The city is ever abounding with people. The overall look is one not to forget.

If you wish for fun and an overwhelming adventure, then be sure that in your helicopter tour in London, your wish will come true!

Unforgettable landmarks in London

London is very rich in all spheres that go by that name. However, taking a helicopter tour in London will definitely show you how rich it is in landmarks. The view will leave you completely mesmerized by its natural beauty. Speaking of natural;

Thames River, the longest river in London, stretching to 215 miles long is one of the most natural physical features London has. A view from the helicopter will definitely assure that you are able to see the over eighty islands around it. Taking a picture of it is the best way to capture the moment, although the beauty of the river as it flows sticks to memory and the islands impossible to forget.

The London Bridge located between the city of London and Southwark central London is a sight you cannot miss as you see the Thames river cruise. It goes unnoticeable as it has the iconic symbol of London. An eagle’s eye of it will tell you why.

The Shard is one of those buildings that sound impossible to exist and believing is made possible by seeing it from the helicopter point of view. The 95 stores skyscraper in Southwark runs a vertical height of 309.7 meters and is the tallest building in the United Kingdom. Taking a helicopter tour enables you to see the 111th tallest building in the world in its full might. The view will also let you know why it is also referred to as the Shard of glass. This building will leave you amused by its constructions but satisfied with its aerial view.

A helicopter tour in London will let you see the land of royalties as well as their well-crafted buildings that stand tall up to date. Famous palaces such as the Kensington palace found in the Kensington palace will give you a mental picture of what it was like for Princess Diana to live there.

London as said earlier is the residence of the royalties. As the helicopter moves around London and as you enjoy the flight, Windsor castle comes to view. The beautifully crafted castle will leave you amazed at the great minds behind the architectural part of the palace. The magnificent castle is home to British kings and queens and has been so for over one thousand years. This part of the flight will leave you feeling proud for taking a flight into the historical homes of kings.

As you tour London in a helicopter, you will be introduced to different geographically amazing places, given a different view from ground view, which, you will appreciate as nothing else can give you such an amazing view and as the helicopter soars from one point to another, so will your feelings soar and exploring places, not just in physical but also in history. Nothing can surpass the adventure of touring the great city of London like a helicopter flight.

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